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General objective:

To obtain nanocomposite materials with functional optical and magnetic properties for applications using successive laser deposition of the thin films (matrix) and nanoparticles.

Specific objectives:

  1. Study of the dependence of dielectric thin film parameters on laser deposition conditions.
  2. Study of the dependence of metal nanoparticle parameters on laser deposition conditions.
  3. Study of the interaction between the deposited NP and thin films, as a function of laser deposition conditions, material characteristics, and post-deposition annealing.
  4. Correlation of optical and magnetic properties of the NC with the properties of their components, thin films and NP
    In the case of the optical materials, the properties are the third order non-linear susceptibility and the optical response time. In the case of the magnetic materials, the properties to be analyzed are the magnetization and coercivity.
  5. Study of the correlation between deposition parameters, parameters of the species in the laser ablation plasma and nanocomposite properties.
  6. Optimization of the experimental conditions for obtaining nanocomposites having functional properties that make them applicable in all optical switching devices or in ultra-high magnetic recording technologies.
  Last update: 14.01.2010